Encaustic is a rediscovered creative form of painting


Encaustic painting was already known to ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. This creative art reflects the mystic and magic of the ancient wax painting.


The Encaustic medium is a mixture of wax and pigment, which is melted and applied by using a small iron. With this form of wax painting the artist can achieve real amazing and colourful pictures.


Encaustic art allows experimenting with techniques and mixtures of colours. It is easy to learn even for beginners.


Encaustic art can be used as an artistic form of meditation therapy – to strengthen self-esteem, it relaxes and leads to inner peace and harmony.


Quote from the artist:
“My paintings are an image of my personal impressions, life experiences, which become realistic in Encaustic wax paintings!”


Mrs. Aigner obtained several times approval by the Technical World of Encaustic Art. In the year 1999 she received the 1.Prize at the Encaustic Fleur Competition in Germany. At the International Encaustic-Competition in Germany 2001, she won with her painting "Reiseimpressionen" the 1.Prize too. In 2005 DVD production with some art friends and the famous Encaustic artist Michael Bossom. Art presentation in an Encaustic book in Denmark 2011 and several art journals.