Encaustic painting is a very creative art, which allows many different techniques to transform somebody’s ideas into artistic and colourful images.


The wax colours are a mixture of wax and colour pigments. This medium is melted with an iron and applied to a surface or they are melted on a palette and then painted with brushes to surfaces like paper, canvas etc.


Encaustic Art by Aigner It is even possible to apply Encaustic waxes to wood, stone, marble or other surfaces like carton, tins or textiles.


The basic techniques create charming, unique and plastic images and collages, which can be abstract or representational. The images are amazing colourful and durable.

Encaustic painting can also be combined with other techniques, like acrylic or distemper.


The rediscovered art encaustic painting represents a real enrichment to the world of art, especially in the modern and rational times.